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Tuition for a 12 week  course= $100

Sibling Discount for a 12 week  course = $75

Zoom Link will be provided after payment  is made

Please Sign the Parent and Student Agreement Form

email us at (

Music is an inseparable part of our lives. It has that propensity to motivate a person or uplift someone's mood in a few seconds. When music is taught in schools, it improves the cognitive ability of kids and helps them to become better learners. Here we have tried to put together the benefits of teaching music to kids.




  • I  ______________give permission for my child _________ age ______to participate in all musical activities planned by the ENY Church of God of Prophecy.

  • I give permission to the ENY Church of God of Prophecy to use my child’s name, to take and publish photographs, video tapes or motion pictures of my child, including the use of my child’s voice in any legitimate media or program advertisement purposes. 

  • I will speak to my child about the code of conduct.

  • I will make all necessary payments before the start of each session.

  • I understand my responsible to ensure that my child electronic device has a working microphone & camera for each on-line class.

  • I will make sure that my child attends all classes on time, and I will help my child to understand the importance of full participation during on-line classes.

  • I will urge my child to practice for at least 30 minutes each day his/her keyboard.




  • I will follow the rules and expectations for the class as outline by the teacher

  • I will speak respectfully to the music teacher, peers and church staff at all times.

  • I will maintain a positive attitude towards learning the art and discipline of music.

  • I will do all homework assign by the teacher and practice on my instrument for 30 minutes each day.

  • I will be an active learner and will not be disruptive to other students who are serious about learning.

  • I will display self-control, use appropriate language and will inform the teacher if someone is bothering me.


For Parents: I have read and understood The Music Academy’s code of conduct, response to inappropriate behavior and I have reviewed the expected behavior with my child. 

Please note: We will not tolerate persistent disruptive behavior, or profanity.  We reserve the right to revoke and terminate any student without a refund, who performs such acts.


  Student’s Name   ___________________                            Date___________



  Parent’s Signature __________________                            Date ___________

Concerns or questions reach out to

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